Results from previous years:

2017., Talsi, Mācītājmuiža

Overall results                                                                                                                                                                                Day 1 resultsi, splitssplitsbrowser, gps tracking M21EW21E                                                                                                Day 2 resultssplitssplitsbrowser, gps tracking M21EW21E

Video from the competition                                                                                                                                                          Pictures by Ojāra Millera: part1 un part2

Video from the competition terrain


2016., Naudīte

Overall results.
Day 1
resultssplits, splitsbrowser, routegsdget, GPS replay M21E, GPS replay W21E.
Day 2 resultssplits, splitsbrowser
, GPS replay M21E, GPS replay W21E.

Dobele sprint race results, splits, splitsbrowser.

Photos:   1. day Agris Robs / Anda Priedīte / Ojārs Millers                                                                                                          2. day Agris Robs / Normunds Narvaišs / Ojārs Millers

Short clip about the competition

2015, Biksti

Overall resultsMTB-O overall results, SplitsBrowser.
Day 1 
resultssplitsMTB-O resultsMTB-O splits.
Day 2 resultssplitsMTB-O resultsMTB-O splits

 2014, Bernāti

Overall results.
Day 1 results, splits.
Day 2 resultssplits.
Liepaja sprint race resultssplits.

 2013, Kalvene

Overall results
Results of the first daysplits, Splitsbrowser graphs, RouteGadget.
Results of the second daysplits, Splitsbrowser graphs, RouteGadget. 

2012, Pokaiņi

Overall results
Results of the first day, splits, graphs, RouteGadget.
Restults for the second day, splits, graphs, RouteGadget.
Trail O competition results and course analysis.

2011, Skrunda

Splits of the first day
by classes, by courses, graphs,
Splits of the second day by classes, by courses, graphs,
Skrundas Sprints results, splits by classes, splits by courses

2010, Ventspils

Overall results
Day 1 splits
Day 2 splits
Graphics: Day 1, Day 2
Ventspils Night
Trail-O and TempO

2009, Tērvete

Day 1 results, splits and graphics
Day 2 splits and graphics

2008, Liepāja

Day 1 results and splits
Day 2 results and splits

2007, Biksti


2006, Talsi


2005, Kuldīga


2004, Ventspils


2003, Kuldīga